5minofscience is glad to partner with Woll Enterprises to connect our clients with venture capitalists and corporations.


David Woll, the President of Woll Enterprises, has over 50 years of professional experience in commercializing and growing business concepts into successful companies through consulting, fundraising, financing, and developing: strategic alliances, ventures, and partnerships for them. During that period, he has raised over a hundred million dollars and has been involved in over a thousand different business types throughout the country.

Woll Enterprises has also spun off independent businesses from licensed academic research among the Top 50 US Universities. His important fundraising connections include an extensive nationwide network of individual angel investors (accredited investors), corporate venture funds, family managed wealth funds, individual angels, and angel clubs.

Researchers working with 5minofscience have access to his extensive resources to help them turn their ideas into marketable products and services. Woll Enterprises will develop business plans, executive summaries, pitch decks, feasibility studies, financial forecasts, grant applications, and market analyses to help them pitch their ideas to businesses and investors.