Remind me again about what Kala is?

Kala is an innovative retail marketplace designed to solve a number of key issues that aren’t addressed in the market today. The future of retail lies within personalization – creating more relevant and authentic experiences that engage shoppers based on their individual needs to provide the perfect product, at the ideal price, at exactly the right time. Yet this is one of the areas where existing solutions have shown very limited success. Kala’s unique approach personalizes online shopping by fundamentally changing the way buyers and sellers engage with each other – facilitating a new consumer-driven model that acts as a personal shopper for consumers, while also helping retailers more effectively drive sales by delivering custom offers and individual pricing based on the consumers’ needs in real-time.

What’s Next?

We are adding Fashion and Apparel as a product category in the next six weeks, and already have a number of sellers in this category asking to offer their products on Kala. Two of our key priorities are to engage more sellers and more consumers, which leads to growth! Kala is currently engaging retailers through our partnership with Channel Advisor, an intermediary who brings 2,200 retailers and brands to the table. We are also building an interface to engage other sellers directly, and expect to have that available by late summer 2019. In future newsletters, we will introduce metrics to convey our progress on sales, transactions, average sales, and other key performance indicators. If there are specific numbers you suggest we include, we are always open to your feedback!

Kala Successfully Launched on July 10!

It has been a busy time leading up to launch, but we made it! As of July 10, consumers may now download our app from either the Apple Store or the Google App Store. And, for those who may still own a flip phone, Kala has a website for online shopping.

Kala launched with seven product categories:

  • Home & Garden
  • Electronics
  • Kids
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Travel
  • Pets

Some of our sellers are still onboarding their products, so we have more products
offered on Kala every day! And, we will be busy signing up new retailers and brands every
day as well. We launched with 12 sellers, and are striving for 200 sellers by Fall 2019, just
in time for holiday shopping! We also sent out a press release announcing the launch of
Kala, so watch for us in the news!

For more information, please visit Kala at or download the free Kala app for Android or
Apple iOS iPhone.