I have been reached out to and could not be more excited to be a mentor for the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurs.

David Woll

Business consultant, merger and acquisition and financing specialist and serial entrepreneur: Involvement with hundreds of companies with over forty year’s experience in all aspects of closely- held businesses. Professional activities include mergers and acquisitions; joint venture activities; start-ups; early stage, and turnarounds ; conventional financing (bank, insurance, factoring and accounts receivables, and mortgage companies) and non-conventional financing(venture capital, public, private equity and angel funding), business consulting, management mentoring, restructuring and liquidations.

You can follow the link http://vace.uky.edu/venture-studio/Mentors.php  to find the full list of mentors!

More information about the boot camp here http://vace.uky.edu/venture-studio/BootcampProjects.php