Each year Purdue University at its Lafayette campus hosts a technology showcase broken down into materials and manufacturing, technology, agriculture, and the life science sections. The University combines its program with Crane Naval Depot located in southern Indiana which is one of this country’s most closely guarded secret. Crane began its life as an ordnance depot during the world wars because no one could find their way around the twisted roads of that portion of the state. Hence it was safe from German and Japanese bombers, particularly since it was inland several thousand miles from the US coasts.

Stages of technology:

What always interests me is the degree of difference in the stage of technology presented. While it’s difficult to envision the commercial use of an attack military tank, it’s far easier to understand the function of a hog cooling panel. It just makes sense that in the summer hogs want to like the rest of the human population want to remain cool. For the hogs at least it reduces illness and accelerates growth. But don’t tell the hog that. Like human stress isn’t good on the medical condition.