Exciting times at MyKala.com

I wanted to take a moment to share an exciting time for MyKala.com! Below you will find a press release they have sent out and asked that we share!

Kala, an innovative consumer-driven marketplace that personalizes online shopping at http://www.mykala.com, launched its new conversational
eCommerce platform this week. Designed to provide a more interactive online shopping experience that delivers custom offers and individualized pricing
without the invasive analytics, Kala is the next startup for the Tech and eCommerce industries and investors to watch.
With more online shopping choices than ever before, retailers and brands increasingly and themselves bidding for the attention of consumers, ensuring
online pricing remains competitive. But as global customer loyalty declines, customer expectations continue to rise. Today’s modern, mobile consumer
demands a seamless user experience that is tailored to them as an individual. To gain and keep the business of these customers, retailers must not only
provide a differentiated experience, but also build trust with shoppers in an era where privacy rights have become an increasingly contested issue.
So a new marketplace platform that meets the demand for personalized mobile shopping is a big deal.

Why Kala?

The mission of this new marketplace is to fundamentally change the way buyers and sellers engage – introducing a unique conversational shopping experience that makes it easier for users to and the products they want, while at the same time creating more effective opportunities for retailers and brands to engage directly with customers and drive sales. By delivering custom offers at the ideal time to shoppers based on their real-time needs, Kala is helping lead the future for personalization and mobile commerce. Kala’s two Founders, father-son entrepreneurial duo Brian Wegner and Ryan Wegner, created Kala to act as a virtual shopping assistant for consumers and facilitate a better mobile shopping experience. While other eCommerce sites focus on collecting user data to sell to marketers or push product promotions and offers that are often not relevant, Kala takes a completely different approach: putting the consumer back in control.

The founders are excited about bringing this new ‘consumer-driven’ shopping model to market, and they say there’s much more innovation to come. Kala’s CEO and Co-Founder Brian Wegner stated, “We designed Kala to solve a number of important issues in eCommerce that are not addressed in the market today. While we know that there’s more products and websites and apps for online shopping than ever before, eCommerce has never evolved from a transactional experience – we’re still shopping online the same way we did 15 years ago.” The future of retail lies within personalization – creating more relevant and authentic experiences that engage shoppers based on their individual needs – yet this is one of the areas where retailers struggle the most, and where existing solutions have shown only limited success. According to Kala’s CEO, “Kala’s approach personalizes online shopping – not through complex data analytics or invasive push marketing campaigns, but by engaging shoppers to Kala takes the search out of online shopping – shop more, search less!

“Kala is a game-changer!”

“On the other side, consumers have been taught to buy on price, not value…and at this point, consumers almost don’t want to buy something unless it’s on sale, because we all know the game and aren’t going to pay the full retail markup,” added CTO and Co-Founder, Ryan Wegner.

Kala is a startup that holds a number of strong values focused on making the online shopping experience one that is tailored, stress-free, and puts control back in the hands of shoppers. One of those values is their anti-ad policy that ensures consumers don’t see irrelevant promotions or pop-up ads during their shopping experience. Not only does the platform ensure consumers only see the products that matter to them, but it also prevents paid product ads from being pushed in front of consumers.

As they launch, the company is committed to not only growing the base of product offerings for its community of users, but understanding what’s most important to them and giving shoppers a voice in continually releasing new features and functionality that will deliver real value and innovation. Features that users can look forward to include the option to submit their own price offers to retailers, view custom “hand-picked” items based on the shoppers’ preferences, and the ability to build their own communities by connecting and interacting with other shoppers, brands, and retailers they like.

“As a shopper, sellers come to me and bid for my business with tailored offers and pricing – I get exactly what I want, without having to do all the leg-work, and without the annoying pop-ups and ads. Kala is something we really feel is a game-changer in the industry, and are very excited about introducing this new platform that solves a real need for both buyers and sellers, and ultimately to help drive the future of a more personalized ecommerce experience. Because we believe that buying should be an easy, fun, and interactive experience – not just another transaction,” states Ryan Wegner, CTO and Co-Founder.

For more information, please visit Kala at http://www.mykala.com or download the free Kala app for Android or
Apple iOS iPhone.