Recently, I was asked to become a Mentor to young motivated students. This is truly a part of the business that I love to do, it gives me a chance to help people grow and develop into young businessmen and women.

“In my new capacity as Assistant Director of Student Placement at Indiana University’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies (HLS), I’m writing to ask if you would please consider serving as a mentor for motivated and driven students at HLS. Last year, we created the Global Leaders and Professionals Program (GLPP) to help students at HLS better develop their career and professional skills and land internships and post-graduate positions in their chosen fields. We established this program to support our students as they enter the job market and to assist them in developing the long-term leadership and professional skills they will need to thrive in their careers.

As part of this program and HLS’s career initiatives, we paired each of our participating students with a professional mentor. The mentorship program was designed to help our students expand their professional networks, learn what their intended field is like from an experienced professional, and help them learn the ins and outs of landing a job in that field. Because of the success of last year’s program, we are expanding it to include an additional 60 students in the second year of this pilot program. This year’s mentor program will offer mentors to 100 students, 40 of whom are members of the GLPP, and 60 whom are not. We are reaching out because Callum Stewart recommended you and believes that you could serve as a wonderful mentor for a student in the Hamilton Lugar School.  ” Ashlynne Bender – Assistant Director of Student Placement

This got me thinking about how the goals of the program could help me with the offerings I offer to my clients in the business world. How we could use the program to better themselves for the workforce and leadership positions. And, that’s when it clicked!


  • Students will learn how to articulate the value they bring to organizations
  • Students will understand the importance of informational interviews
  • Students will be able to identify several organizations and positions that align with their interests
  • Students will understand the steps they need to take to make themselves competitive
  • Students will learn how to compile attractive application materials
  • Students will increase their professional networks
  • Students will land jobs or internships


Career Development Growth

  • Align students in pairs according to career experience
  • Student can benefit from a full academic year from experience and professional guidance
  • Meet in person for mentor sessions 2 to 3 times throughout the year

In closing, I want to say thank you to the Indiana University’s Hamilton Lugar School Mentor Program for inspiring me to be the best I can be professionally and to help inspire those around me!