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How We Increased Business Revenue By 385%

Woll Enterprises has worked with a broad and diverse set of clients. Let us evaluate your business trajectory and help guide you to significant growth and success!

Below are a few examples of past case studies in which we helped our clients reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

Our Case Studies

Taking Business To The Next Level

REZA Footwear

REZA Footwear, a Detroit and Indiana based company as well as a recent graduate and funded Tech Star participant, is a specialized leisure/athletic shoe.

Positioned in the fashion technology space they are seeking additional funding.

Accelerate Wind

Accelerate Wind, located in St. Louis, Missouri, converts wind into electrical energy for residential use. Its principal was interested in applying to a local incubator and engaged Woll Enterprises to help her prepare an oral selection committee presentation and to edit the pitch deck and executive summary. Through the use of Skype, the client presented multiple times and she was admitted as a cohort member in the fall of 2017.


Fabric8Labs, located in the Silicon Valley, is a next generation metal 3D printing company. The three principals engaged Woll Enterprises to help them prepare for their seed round of funding. Numerous telephone conversations were held between the three principals and the consultant since only one of them had previous startup experience. The appropriate documents were edited, reviewed and finalized including a pitch deck and executive summary, leading to the seed round. During the course of the raise, the client was updated on a weekly basis as to progress. The raise was successfully completed within three months

3DR Inc.

3DR Inc., located in Louisville, KY,  is a life sciences company that post-processes CT and MRI scans for hospital radiology departments and other medical facilities around the country. Through a team of highly educated technical associates, the company reviews and interprets patient results in a timely manner. Communications between the company and the radiology departments are enabled through the use of proprietary intellectual property: a Virtual Private Network between the company and the client. The company engaged Woll Enterprises to prepare them for their “A round” of funding that included the development of presenting documents for various funding sources. A successful “A round” was accomplished with a one year period. Since that funding, the company has grown in size to over fifty staff members.

Update: Accumen Acquires Medical Imaging Post-Processing Company
3DR Laboratories

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A Professional Triathlete

Working with a world ranked, professional triathlete was a unique client as well as a highly interesting engagement. My professional services provided included assisting him to develop his brand as well as to work with him to acquire additional nationally recognized corporate sponsors. This included revising his marketing and sales materials specific to the sports market.

Midwestern Based Company

A common problem with cell phone owners are broken screens. This Midwestern based company not only refurbished these screens but also was a reseller of them. Woll Enterprises provided general business counseling and mentoring to the founders of this startup. I also assisted in a seed raise for them.

New Jersey Company

A New Jersey based company sold innovative first aid kits to the consumer, commercial and pet markets. The Company’s product offerings included a line of patented talk and non-talk first aid kits. The Company engaged Woll Enterprises to assist in the product development and marketing and sales of those products. In addition WE assisted with the possible acquisition of the Company by a Fortune 100 one.

Additional Case Studies

Early Venture Capital Raised

  • Sentelligence: Indiana 21st Century Grant of $250,000.
  • OnsiteOHS Inc: Factor Receivables for $250,000 and a bank line of credit for $5,000,000
  • Madeira Therapeutics: Federal grant for $400,000 and a grant from South Carolina for $200,000.
  • SAMES Company was sold in private transaction for undisclosed cash and equity amount.
  • OnsiteOHS Inc  Debt Financing for $2,500,000.
  • Intelligent First Aid: Private equity for $100,000.
  • Hudson Global Positioning Inc: Private equity for $100,000.
  • Augmate Inc.: Private Equity for $1.5 M
  • Lumincare Solutions: Private Equity for $500,000, of which I raised $250,000.
  • Waveform Communication: Private equity for $100,000.


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