Case Studies

Our past work

Woll Enterprises has worked with a broad and diverse set of clients. Let us evaluate your business trajectory and help guide you to significant growth and success! Here are just a few examples of past case studies in which we helped our clients reach their goals quickly and efficiently

accelerate wind Elevate Supply

Elevate Supply, formerly known as Need Fixed Parts, is a wholesale business that occupies the cell phone repair sector. They are a supplier in the US for the wholesale distribution of parts to repair shops. Woll Enterprises, INC. provided business counseling and coaching. Like any small and growing company in any business sector, financing and exploration of funding strategies was essential to the continued health of the company. The consultative sessions with the company were enabled through onsite meetings as well as telephone conference calls. By working with Woll Enterprises was able to refinance their business as well as improve their distribution system and business model.

accelerate windBen Collins

Ben Collins is an internationally recognized triathelete and a graduate of the Booth School of business at the University of Chicago. Woll Enterprises, INC. worked with him to provide business coaching and helped him to add new endorsements along with building, internationally, his own professional persona.

accelerate wind Accelerate Wind

Accelerate Wind, located in St. Louis, Missouri converts wind into electrical energy for residential use. Its principal was interested in applying to a local incubator and engaged Woll Enterprises, Inc to prepare her for her oral presentation before the selection committee as well as to edit the pitch deck and executive summary. Through the use of Skype, the client presented a multiple of times and she was admitted as a cohort member in the fall of 2017.

accelerate wind Fab8Labs

Fabric8Labs , located in the Silicon Valley, is a next generation metal 3D printing company. The three principals engaged Woll Enterprises, Inc to help them prepare for their seed round of funding. Numerous telephone conversations were held between the three principals and the consultant since only one of them had previous startup experience. The appropriate documents were edited , reviewed and finalized including a pitch deck and executive summary, leading to the seed round. During the course of the raise, the client was updated on a weekly basis as to progress. The raise was successfully completed within three months.

accelerate wind 3DR Inc.

3DR Inc., located in Louisville , KY, is life sciences company that post processes CT and MRI scans for hospital radiology departments and other medical facilities around the country. Through a team of highly, educated technical associates, the company reviews and interprets patient results in a timely manner. Communications between the company and the radiology departments are enabled through the use of proprietary intellectual property : a Virtual Private Network between the company and client. The company engaged Woll Enterprises, Inc. to prepare them for their A Round of funding that included development of presenting documents for various funding sources. A successful A Round was accomplished with a one year period. Since that funding the company has grown in size to over fifty staff.

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