David Woll

David Woll

CEO and President

About Woll Enterprises

Woll Enterprises advise, mentor and secure financing for startup, early- and later-stage companies in life sciences and health care, consumer and industrial products, software, advanced manufacturing and technology, and renewable and clean energy. The company has an extensive national client base.

CEO David Woll leads the organization with his extensive experience and acumen for assisting businesses in identifying and overcoming the bottlenecks that face all growing businesses. He will help brighten any idea a young startup may have. With over 50 years of professional experience in fundraising, enterprise development, and finance, David has raised over 100 million dollars for businesses throughout the country. His clients have included virtually ever type of business, from small biotech and medical device startups to large communications companies.

To provide his clients the connections they need, David has built an extensive nationwide network of contacts in angel clubs, early- and later-stage venture capital firms; federal, state, and local governmental agencies; banks and other financial institutions; and private foundations. Time and hard work have allowed David to build strong relationships with many angel investors, including several accredited investors and well-known names.

David advises and provides consulting for startup businesses, early- and later-stage companies, and individuals (researchers, inventors, faculty members, entrepreneurs, and more). In addition, he and his associates develop business plans, feasibility studies, financial forecasts, grant applications, and market analyses. To talk to David about your business or idea and discuss its future potential, he invites you to contact him.

He serves as a business consultant, merger and acquisition and financing specialist, and serial entrepreneur: Involvement with hundreds of companies with over forty year’s experience in all aspects of closely held businesses.

Professional activities include mergers and acquisitions; joint venture activities; start-ups; early stage, and turnarounds ; conventional financing (bank, insurance, factoring and accounts receivables, and mortgage companies) and non-conventional financing(venture capital, public, private equity and angel funding), business consulting, management mentoring, restructuring and liquidations.

Adjunct Faculty teaching Introduction to American political science, Introduction to Persona l Law, and Macroeconomics for IVY Tech, Indianapolis, IN. 2009-

Serve on the mentoring and planning committee for the 3 Rivers Venture Fair

Instructor for third grade for Summer Advantage Program, Decatur Township School District, Indiana, 2009

Associate with Gottesman Company (middle market mergers and acquisitions) New York City, N.Y. 2004-2006

Instructor for Keller School of Management. DeVry Institute. Indianapolis, IN. 2005-2006.

Instructor for Kaplan Learning Center (GRE, SAT, BMAT, LSAT and ACT) 2004-2006.

Political fundraiser for the first Hispanic male, city-county council candidate. Indianapolis, IN, July 2003-Nov.2003.

Volunteer Researcher for Indiana gubernatorial candidate, Indianapolis, IN, Sept…2004-Nov. 2004

Legal researcher, for Hogan & Hartson (Washington, D.C.), Indianapolis, IN, December- March, 2003(temporary position)

Served on the committee or the America Israel Chamber of Commerce

  • Assisted in document review in a multi-state, multi-jurisdictional, class action lawsuit in the healthcare delivery field

Publisher/President, R& W Publishing, Evansville, IN, 1996 – May 2002

  • Start up of a monthly state-wide business newspaper
  • Interviewed CEO’s
  • Wrote articles and book reviews
  • Managed and supervised personnel
  • Facilitated securing advertising sales in conjunction with sales’ personnel
  • Developed and executed marketing and event promotions and sponsorships
  • Acquired and managed other newspaper publications

President, Woll Enterprises, Evansville, IN, 1984-

Manager overseeing private investments including but not limited to closely-held manufacturing businesses, farm properties, stock and bond portfolios, and oil and gas production.

  • Managed and supervised personnel
  • Analyzed, monitored and evaluated stock and bond performances
  • Negotiated contracts, agreements, and leases
  • Forward contracted for agricultural commodities
  • Analyzed budgets and financial statements
  • Acquisitions and buy-outs of businesses among others manufacturing plant and
  • safety business(latter was recognized by the Indiana Health Forum as outstanding
  • entrepreneurial company
  • Monitored the drilling, production and completion of oil wells

Adjunct Faculty: University of Southern Indiana, University of Evansville, and Oakland City University (1985-2000):

  • Taught political science, business law and marketing classes at all levels
  • Prepared lectures and selected course materials
  • Organized and developed curriculum, created tests and projects
  • Tracked, reported and communicated to department chairs

Political candidate, Evansville, IN

  • State House of Representatives, Southwestern Indiana, 1986
  • Lieutenant Governor candidate, Indiana, 1988
  • U.S. Senate candidate, Indiana, 1989
  • Mayoral primary, Evansville, 1997

Vice President, Research and Planning Associates, Inc. (business and governmental consulting firm) Indianapolis, IN., 1975-1982

  • Recruited and hired personnel.
  • Managed personnel
  • Prospected for clients and secured consulting contracts with governmental
  • units and business organizations
  • Facilitated training and development for the Indiana Department of Commerce to
  • provide energy assistance programs to the economically disadvantaged
  • Assisted in securing public funding assistance for clients
  • Developed fundraising programs for private foundation

Assistant Director, State Planning Services Agency, Indianapolis, IN 1973 – 1975

  • Local and regional planning assistance with the State of Indiana under
  • Lieutenant Governor Robert Orr
  • Administered multi-million dollar, federal programs for the State of Indiana: US
  • Departments of Energy, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development

Proofreader, Stuart Publications, New York, N.Y., 1972

Legislative Aide to State Representative Joel Deckard and State Senator Robert Orr 1972-1972

  • Performed miscellaneous types of constituent services
  • Responded to constituent contacts

Researched legislative issues

Administrative Assistant to Lieutenant Governor Robert Orr, Indianapolis, IN, 1972

  • Drafted speeches and spoke on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Attended functions on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Handled state legislative and administrative functions

Teacher/Supervisor, Comprehensive Educational Center, New York, N.Y., 1970-72

Worked for Human Resource Department of University City, Mo., 1968-69

Supervised children’s afternoon recreational program, Cambridge Settlement Houses, Cambridge, Mass., summer of 1968

Organized tenants residing in public housing. Alliance of Cambridge Settlement

Houses in Cambridge, Mass, summer of 1967

Conducted various planning studies for communities located in southern Indiana. Southwestern Indiana Regional Council of Governments, summer of 1966



Washington University
School of Liberal Arts
Bachelor’s Degree: Urban Studies, 1970


Columbia University
School of Architecture
Division of Urban Planning

Masters Degree: Urban Planning, 1972

Indiana -Purdue University
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Masters Degree: Public Administration, 1975

Indiana University School of Law
Indiana-Purdue University
JD, 1979

Foreign Language Skills: German, Spanish (limited)

Individual Awards, Honors and Recognitions: Eagle Scout, Ner Tamid, Silver Beaver, and Indiana Health Industry Forum

Corporate Awards, Honors, and Recognitions: Indiana Health Industry Forum, Finalist, Tech Point Mira Finalist (2011-12), Cited by the dean of the liberal arts department at Ivy Tech College as one of the outstanding instructors

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