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With multiple clients, Woll Enterprises has helped businesses find the most efficient and effective ways to overcome the most challenging obstacles. We provide a variety of business consulting services that have benefitted many companies from multiple industries and are bound to help yours!

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At Woll Enterprises we perform a business assessment where we will work to show you possibilities for you to achieve your company’s goals as we determine how we can help with with you to expand and grow your business in a smart and strategic way. 

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    At Woll Enterprises, we realize business entrepreneurs face many difficult challenges as they work hard to develop new growth opportunities while managing the everyday business tasks.

    With help from business consultant, Woll Enterprises, we can help you maximize your return on investments and ensure you spend your time focusing on high priority items while obtaining expert knowledge at a time when your company most needs it.

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    President and CEO

    David Woll

    David Woll knows business and has years of  experience in various business sectors. David is both a successful operator and investor in the oil industry today.

    His family’s involvement in that business spans almost a century, beginning with his grandfather. His grandfather was a successful oil “wildcatter” and scrap dealer during the early 20th century and taught his children and grandchildren everything he knew.

    Besides his business endeavors, David Woll’s philanthropic activities are myriad. His activities range from the arts to music, from healthcare to education.

    David has been an instructor, teacher, mentor and adjunct faculty member at private and public educational institutions for over forty years.



    Carmel, IN 46032, USA