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Business Acquisition Announcement

I had the pleasure of doing business with 3DR and they have recently been acquired by Acumen, which is a health care lab that consults and provides health services.   Click Here For More Details

Von Allman Center Boot Camp Mentor

I have been reached out to and could not be more excited to be a mentor for the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurs. David Woll Business consultant, merger and acquisition and financing specialist and serial entrepreneur: Involvement with hundreds of companies with...

What is Kala?

Remind me again about what Kala is? Kala is an innovative retail marketplace designed to solve a number of key issues that aren’t addressed in the market today. The future of retail lies within personalization – creating more relevant and authentic experiences that...

Kala Press Release

Exciting times at I wanted to take a moment to share an exciting time for! Below you will find a press release they have sent out and asked that we share! Kala, an innovative consumer-driven marketplace that personalizes online shopping at...